2016 Learning Event

March 14 2016

Last Thursday, March 3rd, was our annual Supermileage Learning Event, and it was filled with surprises. The goal of the event was for us to showcase the UBC Supermileage Team by presenting our progress, accomplishments, and fuel saving ideas to members of the community. To make it a bit more competitive the organizers of the Shell Eco-Marathon challenged all the Canadian teams to see who can host the event with the most attendees and gather the most signatures. Whoever wins the challenge gets free shipping of their vehicles to the competition in Detroit. The day started off slowly with a rainy morning, and the initial low turnout made us feel a little nervous about the day. However, many of our friends and fans braved the weather, and made it out to support us! Even Catherine McKenna, the Minister for Environment and Climate Change made a detour from her UBC visit just to drop by and show her support! That was when it all changed. The rain slowed down, and the sun eventually emerged from behind the clouds. As the weather turned more favourable, curious crowds began to gather around our booth. Even though there were some construction work taking place beside us, the curious members of our community were undeterred.

Sometimes you do not get the best start, but surprises do happen and things change for the better. We want to thank everyone who came out to show their support on Thursday March 3rd. Your support is what drives us to do better and go further in the pursuit of efficiency!