UBC Supermileage Team, 2010-2011The University of British Columbia Supermileage Team (UBCST) was founded in 2001 by UBC Mechanical Engineering students Rob Mahaffey and Brian Jung, with a vision and sought a tool for young engineers to test classroom theories against real engineering problems. Since then, countless students have been involved with the team in different projects. UBCST provides a means through which students are able to apply classroom knowledge in practical, hands-on situations. Supermileage team members have gone have great success in coop placements and getting hired after graduation.

Co-op placements have included: Laser Zentrum, Nokia, Sierra Wireless, Avcorp, V-Tech, Canadian Space Agency (CSA), TRIUMF, Ford, Keen, Teleflex, Greenlight, Ballard, and many more.


Innovation through simplicity A key to good design is to “keep it simple silly!” Part of the challenge of the competition is not only to design components, but to optimize and create completely new and unique solutions to problems.

Engineering Responsibly Engineers and students are responsible for educating the public on environmental-related issues that arise from technology. UBCST believes that through our project work we can reach out and promote awareness and educate the public on energy conservation and just plain saving gas! The team wants to continue to grow and build, and share its success with the community. We can be seen meeting with the public at many events.