Past Events

ACEC Industry Event (January 28 2016) The theme of the annual Vancouver conference for the Association of Consulting Engineering Companies (ACEC) was Transportation and Technology. One of the tour stops for the 50-60 industry professionals who attended was the EDC to learn about Supermileage and other student design teams.

EngPhys Info Event (January 24 2016) Prospective engineering physics students from high school and first year gathered in forestry to learn more about engineering at UBC and student teams. We explained what Supermileage is all about as well as how joining a student team can enrich your university experience.

UBC Mechanical Engineering Advisory Council Meeting (January 21 2016) Our captain was invited to join the evening’s panel of industry professional and campus engineering head to present our the vision of team, our goals and our industry relations. We were honored to be given this opportunity to share our project and happy to be met by so much support.

Tesla Motors Tour (January 21 2016) The UBC Supermileage team was graced by a visit from Tesla Motors during their trip to Vancouver. Tesla’s team was able to come by workspace and take a close and personal look at our two cars in the making as well as ask some technical questions on our fuel saving technologies. We hope you enjoyed your visit Tesla!

Engineering Open House (November 28 2015) Prospective engineering students from local high schools dropped by the UBC Rusty Hut to learn what the campus has to offer in terms of design teams. We were able to show our two fuel-efficient cars to over 10 tour groups (with students and parents) and share the story behind our team, hopefully inspiring a new generation of engineers.

Zaber Tour (November 18 2015) Our general members were granted a tour of Zaber Technologies, a local Vancouver company that fabricates linear actuators.

SAE BC Seminar on ‘Defects in Aircraft Design and Materials’ (November 2 2015) How can engineers prevent or at least minimize catastrophic aircraft failure incidents, thus improving aircraft safety? What lessons can we learn from historical mishaps so that they might be avoided in the future? Answers to these questions were explored by Larry Reniak, in the course of exploring 12 case studies, involving both civil and military famous aircraft programs. The UBC Supermileage was grateful to be granted the 1st place award for the SAE BC Student Team fund during the presentation. Thank you SAE!

Track Day (September 26 2015) We are excited to welcome our new cohort of Supermileagers who will be joining us on our pursuit for efficiency this year. Today we took our two returning vehicles to a school lot for some runs. Two running cars and some rare Vancouver sunshine- what a fine way to kick off the year! Thank you University Hill High School for allowing us to use their lot.

Orientation/ Interview 1 (September 12 2015) A chance for potential candidates to get to know about our team and find the division that best suits their interest to interview for. Imagine Day (September 8 2015) We hosted a booth on main mall for UBC’s 2015 imagine day to woo some fresh-faced first years and recruit new members into the force

Rhino Workshop (August 8 2015) A gentleman we met at the ASEE conference in Seattle was very interested ih the work of our team and our cars. He has offered to give us a free intensive day workshop for Rhino Software:
Invitations to join our workshop was extended to not only our members but members of other design teams as well. Thank you for a very enlightening workshop Dave Weidkamp and Rhino software!

American Society of Engineering Education Annual Conference (June 14 - 16 2015) The ASEE Annual Conference and Exposition is the only conference dedicated to all disciplines of engineering education. It is committed to fostering the exchange of ideas, enhancing teaching methods and curriculum, and providing prime networking opportunities for engineering and technology education stakeholders such as deans, faculty members and industry and government representatives. We were honored to be invited to represent the Shell EcoMarathons and showcase our Urban Concept car during this enlightening conference.

Shell Eco Marathon Competition (April 8 - 13 2015) UBC Supermileage’s Zoticus wins second place in the Urban Concept gasoline division at SEMA 2015 with 324mpg! The Mark X prototype vehicle performed excellently on track, achieving 600-700 mpg, but did not finish a full run. These were excellent mileage’s for this new track in Detroit. We were also placed at the front of the group photo to represent Canada! Great work team, and we are proud to have completed two fantastic cars from scratch this year

UBC Team Celebration Dinner (April 2 2015) This event was a celebration our accomplishments this year and of everyone’s commitment to the team!

UBC Supermileage Unveiling Day (February 26 2015) We’re competing with Universities from across Canada to put on the best Supermileage Unveiling Event of them all to win coverage to send our car to Detroit. Students score some free pizza or cookies and learn about our pursuit for efficiency.

Vancouver Island University Tour @ Rusty Hut (February 23rd 2015) Students from Vancouver Island University toured Rusty Hut to learn about what Supermileage does. We gave a short presentation on what we do and the drive for sustainbility that motivates the team

Zaber Tour (January 14 2015) Our general members were granted a tour of Zaber Technologies, a local Vancouver company that fabricates linear actuators.

Engineering Open House Student Involvement (November 29 2014) Student teams participated in Open House by leading a “Student Teams Safari” tour to visit the student teams. The event includes a tour to the EDC, Rusty Hut and Kaiser.

Fundraiser Raffle (September 18 2014 - October 10 2014)
Our cars have suffered serious damages during its return from our last competition. In an effort to recover some of the financial setups from this incident, we will be holding a ticket raffle and using the sales to raise money for restocking our equipment and restoring our vehicles. I have reached out to various community sponsors in the greater Vancouver Area over the summer and have secured us about $400 worth in prizes for our raffle so far: Entry tickets will be sold at a charge of $5 for one ticket and $10 for 3. The draw date will be set for October 10th, 2014.

Imagine Day 2014 (September 7th 2014) The team held a booth on UBC’s Imagine day to present the work of Supermileage to our community and enlist interested students to join our endeavors.

Shell Eco-Marathon 2014 (April 25 2014) Our annual competition. The team limit is capped at 125 this year and will feature intense competition from across North and South America.

ACEC BC Facing the Future 2014 (January 28 2014) The Association of Consulting Engineering Companies has invited us to attend their transportation conference in early 2014 titled “Facing the Future”! The event is in collaboration with the Ministry of Transportation and Translink and showcases the future direction and trends surrounding British Columbia’s transportation plans.

Shell Canadian Innovation Summit (October 07 2013) UBCST will be attending an invite-only event by Shell Canada showcasing innovation in science and technology currently taking place right here in our home country! We’ll be on hand with our urban concept vehicle Odysseus to demonstrate just what is possible with today’s technology when it’s pushed to its limits. Event attendees will include Colonel Chris Hadfield and Premier Christy Clark!

Final Test and Media Event (March 19 2013) The UBC Supermileage Team will be showing off their ultra-fuel efficient Urban Concept and Prototype cars this Tuesday March 19th at the University Hill Secondary School parking lot at 3228 Ross Drive. Stop by to see a practice run of both vehicles before they get shipped off to the Shell Eco-Marathon Americas. Last year the Urban Concept car achieved 288 mpg, and the prototype car is a rebuild of the 2006 model which got 3145 mpg!

UBC Fall Preview Day (December 01 2012) This Saturday the UBC Supermilage Team will be setup in the EDC with the other student teams for the UBC Fall Preview Day. We’re looking forward to meeting the prospective students and chatting about engineering, student teams and fuel efficiency. See you there!

UBC Welcomes You! (May 26 2012) The UBC Supermileage Team will be in Kaiser 2020/2030 on Saturday to greet incoming first year engineering students. We’re looking forward to meeting you!

UBC Alumni Fair (May 26 2012) The UBC Supermileage Team will have the Argo in the SUB as part of the Alumni Fair. Feel free to come check out the completed vehicle. We hope to see you there.

Dean’s Reception for High Achieving Students (May 25 2012) This Friday the UBC Supermileage Team will be in the EDC to talk about university life and student teams to high achieving prospective students. Congratulations to all the high school students for doing so well! We’re looking forward to meeting you.

Shell Eco Marathon Americas (March 29 2012) The team will be heading to Houston, Texas to compete in the Shell Eco Marathon Americas. We will be submitting the Argo in the Urban Concept Class.

2012 E-Fest (March 03 2012) The UBC Supermileage Team will be attending the 16th Annual Engineering Festival at the Vancouver Public Library. Since we are hard at work putting the finishing touches on The Argo for the fast approaching Shell Eco Marathon Americas, we will be bringing out our old prototype vehicle.

Old Red New Red (ORNR) Keynote (February 09 2012) Our Captain, Connor, will be the keynote speaker for the Old Red New Red event during Engineering Week. An alumni event for Engineers, Old Red New Red is a fantastic opportunity for current engineering students to connect with alumni.

SAE Lunch Event (February 02 2012) The team will be attending the SAE event this afternoon in the Engineering Design Centre. Hope to see you there!

UBC Engineering Info Session (January 26 2012) UBCST participated in an info session held for high school students by UBC Engineering.

Design in Engineering (January 26 2012) Come check us out while we talk about design with other student teams.

UBC Engineering Open House (November 26 2011) The UBC Supermileage Team will be hanging out in the new EDC Saturday, November 26 for the UBC Engineering Open House. Come check us out!

SAE Industry Night (October 04 2011) The UBC Supermileage Team will be one of several engineering student teams showing off their project and giving a short presentation at the SAE Industry Night. Come check us out in the new Engineering Design Centre. We hope to see you there!

UBC Imagine Day (September 06 2011) Join us at UBC Imagine Day! UBCST will be taking part in UBC Engineering’s Faculty Fair. Prospective members and the public can check us out in the atrium of the Kaiser building at UBC. We hope to see you there!

2011 PACE Global Annual Forum (July 27 2011) The UBC Supermileage Team is honoured with the opportunity to show off the Argo at the 2011 PACE Global Annual Forum. The event will be in the atrium of the Kaiser building at UBC. We hope to see you there!

UBC Alumni Weekend 2011 – University Fair (May 28 2011) Come check out our booth at the UBC Student Union Building where we will be showing off our 214 mpg Urban Concept Vehicle.

Shell Eco-Marathon Americas (April 14 2011) UBCST competes against universities and highschools from North America in Downtown Houston, Texas. Come check us out if you are the neighbourhood.

UBC Supermileage Team 10th Year Celebration (February 24 2011) UBC Supermileage Team celebrates 10 years of sustainable vehicle design. Come see our new urban concept vehicle and mingle with current and past team members as we thank you for your support over these past 10 years. We’ll be in KAIS 2020/2030 on UBC Campus. We hope to see you there!

UBC Engineering Open House (November 27 2010) Come check out the team and the ESTC at the UBC Engineering Open House! (More Details Later)

VPL Innovation Expo (November 20 2010) UBCST will be attending the Vancouver Public Library Innovation Expo! We’ve decided to bring our prototype vehicle, as the Concept Car is still under construction.

ESTC Open House (September 23 2010) The ESTC is holding an Open House in Kaiser 2020 at 5:30pm. Come check out our presentation!

Engineering Club & Student Teams Showcase (September 15 2010) UBCST will hold a booth in the Kaiser building lobby on UBC campus between 12-2pm on Wednesday as a part of an EUS Frosh event. Please come check us out!

UBC Imagine Day (September 07 2010) Welcome Back! The team will have a booth on Main Mall with the rest of the Engineering Student Team Council, showing off the vehicle and answering questions. The event is between 2-5pm.

Mech 2 BBQ (August 30 2010) UBCST will be presenting the Argo at the first day introduction BBQ for the second year Mechanical Engineering students at UBC. The BBQ is at 11:30am. We hope to see you in front of the Cheeze!

UBC Alumni Weekend (May 29 2010) UBCST will be presenting the Argo at the UBC Alumni Weekend 2010, on Saturday May 29th. We hope to see you there!

Student Auto Skills Challenge (May 01 2010) UBCST is planning to attend the Student Auto Skills Challenge at BCIT Burnaby (Building NE16) between 9:00am to 1:00pm to show our support to the students participating. We will be working on bringing our new Urban Concept Car – The Argo and are looking forward to seeing this generation of automotive students participate in the challenge!

SAE Industry Night (April 8 2010) SAEBC is holding an Industry Night event from 5:00 – 7:30pm starting in the Kaiser Atrium.  Some of the UBC SAE teams (Formula, Heavylift, UBCST, etc) will be presenting their vehicles in the Atrium, followed by pizza dinner and presentations in the CEME Grad and Faculty Lounge.  All are welcome!

UBC Engineering Open House 2009 (November 7, 2009) The team will be attending the UBC Engineering Open House in Kaiser 1180 on Saturday, Nov. 9.   It’ll be fun talking to the public and maybe some prospective engineering students!

UBC ESTC Open House 2009 (September 23, 2009) The team will be attending the ESTC Open House on Wednesday, Sept 23rd in KAIS 2020/2030.

UBC Imagine Day 2009 (September 8, 2009) Keep an eye out for us on Main Mall!

E-Fest at Vancouver Public Library (February 28, 2009) We will be attending the annual E-Fest again this year. Come check us out!

Team Recruitment (September 2007) The team will be openly looking for UBC students to join the team and further push the limits of fuel efficiency. Look out for us at first week engineering events, posters, and announcments in classes. Details of the first team meeting of the year will come closer to September.

E-Fest at the Vancouver Public Library (March 4, 2006) Once again we will be attending the annual E-Fest. It’s a chance for engineering companies and students to show the public what we do.

Car Park City of Vancouver Event (Sept 22, 2005) Our team has been invited to attend the Vancouver Car Free Day event!

Sponsor Appreciation Night (Nov 16, 2005) A night for all existing and potential sponsors to come and learn more about the team and the great partnership opportunities available. This is planned to be a wine and cheese occasion. Venue will be announced shortly. If you are interested in attending send us an email.

Student Teams Day (Sept 7, 2005) For those of you who missed us on Sept 6. Come check out all the Student Team projects that UBC has to offer! We will be next to the Big Red E (The Cairn) on Main Mall from 11:00 – 14:00.

Imagine UBC Student Project Display (Sept 6, 2005) Welcome all new first years to UBC! Come join us during your lunch hour near the Big Red E (The Cairn) on Main Mall from 12:00-14:00.

Technology & Society Day (April 1, 2005) High school students from across the country came to UBC to attend information sessions on the different options available for their future. The Supermileage team was honoured to help promote and inform students on just what engineering is all about.

IGEN Industry Night (March 31, 2005) A night for students from Integrated Engineering at UBC to showcase to industry members projects and innovations that students have created. The Supermileage Team was there showcasing some new technology that may appear in the 2005 vehicle.

APEGBC Technology Week (March 4, 2005) A chance for engineering to showcase to the community just what engineering is all about. Held at the Vancouver Public Library in downtown, companies and student teams answered questions and performed exciting demonstrations.

E-Week (February 6-12 2005) The team represented Mechanical Engineering at this year’s E-Week Display at the Student Union Building (AMS). Congratulations to all disciplines who participated this year and also to Mechanical Engineering for winning E-Week and the Ball Model competition. Click here for an article by MLA and former EUS President Ralph Sultan who attended the E-Ball.