Prototype Results

Prototype Car

The prototype design is seen in the SAE Supermileage Competition as well as the prototype class of the Shell Eco Marathon Americas. UBCST has performed consistently among the top with it’s prototype vehicle. From 2009 to 2012 the team halted development of the prototype class vehicles in order to focus on the more complicated urban concept vehicle. In 2013, the prototype series was reintroduced at the Shell Eco-Marathon competition.

Date Place Competition Mileage
2013 Fifth Place SEMA 0.170 L/100km (1383 mpg)
2008 Fourth Place SEMA 0.126 L/100km (1865 mpg)
2006 First Place SAE 0.075 L/100km (3145 mpg)
2005 First Place SAE 0.147 L/100km (1608 mpg)
2004 First Place SAE 0.135 L/100km (1747 mpg)
2003 First Place SAE 0.254 L/100km (927 mpg)
2002 Fourth Place SAE 0.263 L/100km (895 mpg)
2001 Ninth Place SAE 0.797 L/100km (295 mpg)