Urban Concept Results

Urban Concept Car - The Argo

The Urban Concept Car is a fairly new class of the Shell Eco Marathon Americas. The UBC team introduced its design, the Argo, in 2010 but didn’t finish an official run. In 2011, the team spent a difficult year refining the vehicle design and training new team members, but still improved their score with 214 mpg and achieved 4th place. With the introduction of a working fuel injection system and increased weight reductions, 2012 saw the Argo reach an efficiency of 288 mpg and achieve 3rd place. 2013 saw the second full iteration of the Urban Concept Car, named the Odysseus. Featuring improved aerodynamics and more refined fuel injection among other things, this vehicle rose to 2nd place with a result of 577 mpg.

Date Place Competition Mileage
2013 2nd Place SEMA 0.408 L/100km (577 mpg)
2012 3rd Place SEMA 0.817 L/100km (288 mpg)
2011 4th Place SEMA 1.099 L/100km (214 mpg)
2010 DQ SEMA 1.438 L/100km (163.5 mpg)