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Who are we?

The UBC Supermileage team is a group of 65 dedicated engineering students working to design and build fuel efficient gasoline powered vehicles for the Shell Eco-marathon Americas and the Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE) Supermileage Competitions. Our diverse team includes technical students from mechanical, eng-physics, integrated, computer, electrical, chemical, materials, and manufacturing engineering as well as business, science, and more.

What do we do?

Fuelathon competitions provide engineering and technology students with a challenging design project that involves the development and construction of either a single-person, Prototype Concept or a larger four wheeled Urban Concept car. Students design and build conventional gas-powered, for the Prototype Concept, or battery electric-powered, for the Urban Concept, ultra-efficient vehicles. As a team, we aim to set a world fuel economy record and increase public awareness for fuel economy, efficiency, and sustainability. Students become more sensitive to environmental issues as well as develop important project management skills.

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