Shell Eco-Marathon Americas

The Shell Eco-marathon Americas competition takes place annually in varying locations year-after-year. The competition was held in Detroit, Michigan from 2015 to 2017 and in Sonoma, California from 2018 to 2019. Roughly 100 teams from Canada, the United States, Central America, and South America gather to put their vehicles to an efficiency marathon. All three vehicles have competed in the Shell Eco-marathon Americas, with the gasoline Prototype winning 2nd place in 2019 with 1372 miles per gallon. Our Urban Concept won second place in 2015 with 325 miles per gallon.

SAE Supermileage

The SAE Supermileage competition takes place annually in Marshall, Michigan during the second weekend in June. Teams from across North America compete their vehicles at the Eaton Vehicle Group Proving Grounds and try to set new records for efficiency. Our Gasoline Prototype vehicle participates in the SAE Supermileage competition, and scored third in 2018 with 1407 miles per gallon, second place in 2019 with 2229 miles per gallon, and second place again in 2022 with 1038 miles per gallon.

CSQ Supermileage

The Competition Supermileage Quebec competition is a new competition that began at Laval University in June 2023. Teams from across North America compete their vehicles in a lengthy endurance race with the goal of earning both a high mileage covered as well as a good fuel efficiency. Our Gasoline Prototype and Battery Electric Urban Concept vehicles participated in this recently, and earned best overall fuel efficiency, second best mileage, and third place overall at competition

Competition Recap Videos

SEMA 2022

SAE Supermileage 2022

SEMA 2023


Prototype Class

2022SAEGasoline2nd1038 mpg
2019SAEGasoline2nd2229 mpg
2019SEMAGasoline2nd1372 mpg
2018SAEGasoline3rd1407 mpg
2018SEMAGasoline7th960 mpg
2017SAEGasoline6th566 mpg
2017SEMAGasoline20th521 mpg
2016SAEGasoline6th715 mpg
2013SEMAGasoline5th1383 mpg
2008SEMAGasoline4th1865 mpg
2006SAEGasoline1st3145 mpg
2005SAEGasoline1st1608 mpg
2004SAEGasoline1st1747 mpg
2003SAEGasoline1st927 mpg
2002SAEGasoline4th895 mpg
2001SAEGasoline9th295 mpg

Urban Concept

2022SEMABattery ElectricDNF-
2021SEMABattery Electric1stVirtual
2019SEMABattery ElectricDNF-
2015SEMAGasoline2nd325 mpg
2014SEMAGasoline3rd325 mpg
2013SEMAGasoline2nd577 mpg
2012SEMAGasoline3rd288 mpg
2011SEMAGasoline4th214 mpg